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For 20 years in the furniture business, from an ordinary department manager in a furniture factory to establishing several factories, and then selling surplus furniture to the whole world, the story of FurniClear’s founder, Jimmy, is a legend filled with wisdom, courage, and persistence.

Jimmy’s career began as an ordinary department manager. With a deep understanding of the furniture industry and a passion for his work, he gradually accumulated rich experience and connections. Soon, he decided to open his own factories, infusing his philosophy and quality into every piece of furniture.

As the business continued to expand, he successively opened several factories, forming a strong team of over 40 people. Together, they worked hard to bring the comfort and beauty of furniture to more people’s lives.

However, Jimmy’s vision did not stop there. He saw the tremendous potential in surplus furniture and decided to sell these high-quality, reasonably priced pieces to the whole world.

Today, FurniClear has become an international brand, bringing China’s quality furniture to customers all over the globe.

All of this is thanks to Jimmy’s persistence and innovation. His story is not only the story of FurniClear but also a universal story about dreams, struggles, and achievements.

Join us, witness this astonishing journey, and bring quality, comfortable furniture to every home.


Our mission

Our mission at FurniClear is to revolutionize the furniture industry by turning surplus stock into valuable assets. We are committed to delivering high-quality, affordable sofas to import wholesalers worldwide, helping them enhance their inventory and maximize their profits. Through our rigorous quality control processes and dedicated customer service, we strive to exceed expectations and redefine standards in the industry. Our goal is to make quality furniture accessible and affordable, one sofa at a time.

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